Our Core Team


Ms. Kausar Sayeed


National Core Committee E.C.A

Kauser is highly skilled and accomplished educator with extensive knowledge of the latest and most effective teaching method, Specialises in designing childcare facilities, such as preschools and daycare centers which comprises of managing preschool teachers, developing effective professional training programs for teachers, parenting programmes, integrated curriculums, develop institutional policies and also offer conflict resolution and take responsibility for business aspects, such as program costs and budgeting. She is dedicated, resourceful, and passionate education professional with an accomplished career promoting quality education across India. Kauser’s strengths include Administrative Acumen, Teacher Training, Curriculum Development and Implementation, School- and state-wide Program Planning, School Improvement Initiatives, Student-Teacher Support, Classroom Teaching and Parent coaching. Her current key positions include National Committee member of ECA and a key position in the recently formed “Telangana Parent Association “ She was appointed as the Territory head of E.C.A for Telangana state in 2014, within a year of its work in Hyderabad, E.C.A was awarded as the “Best Territory” by ECA-India for three consecutive years. As a Territory Head of ECA, I have been successful in creating a platform for Early Childhood Educators in Hyderabad with 3000+ registered Preschools as its members, enriching workshops for school leaders ,teachers and parents , publications to name a few of its activities. She has been the Program Director of the chain of pre-schools “PYPS-Prime Years Pre-Schools”. Her responsibilities included establishing the school from scratch which included infrastructure designing , branding ,curriculum designing, planning and implementation , in-house teacher training, strategizing marketing plans and administration. PYPS-Prime Years Pre-Schools was ranked among the top 20 preschools for 6 consecutive years from 2011 to 2017 by Education World Magazine. She has been awarded by UNESCO in collaboration with Government (APHRDI) for conducting safety drive across the state through presentation on POCSO law. She was further Ranked as one of the top 100 Awakened and Innovative mentors of India by “Think CIQ “ Presented by “Times of India ” in 2016. She has spoken on various topics in ECE on National Platforms like ECA National conference , School Leadership summit by SCI , National conference by DIDAC ,Brainfeed magazine to name a few. She has been invited to reputed schools in Hyderabad for Parent Orientation Programme and Teacher Training, and has recently attended the world forum as an Indian ambassador of ECA.


Ms. Arshiya Afsar


Territory Head – Telangana State E.C.A

Founder & Director of Iris Group of Schools, Sakalya Academy, Bachpan – A Play School, Academic Heights, The Purple Elephant, Artha Creative Services & E9 Knowsol Private Limited, has completed her education abroad and thus has an excellent comparative analysis of the education paradox of the different education systems of the world. She has designed effective curriculums, that have been a fantastic mix of different teaching methodologies, real-world situations, creative and innovative learning techniques. A marketing and training expert, she has worked for many top brands in India, including a project with Shri Chandrababu Naidu, trained Hyderabad City Police, She Teams, Bharosa Centre, Hyderabad Traffic Police etc. After being the Head of Training at a prestigiousInternational Bank – HSBC, she groomed herself with in depth knowledge of the Indian Education system and has since then conducted many training sessions for school leaders, principals, teachers, parents, children and support staff all over India – both in the top CBSE, ICSE schools and business schools like BVB Public School, Johnson Grammar School, Royal Global School Guwahati, ISB, Muffakham Jah College, IIPM etc. She has been a part of prestigious panel discussions like the National Education Congress, Franchise India, Early Childhood Association etc. She also does voluntary training sessions for the less fortunate like the Devnar School for the Blind, Ananda Marga Children’s home etc. From the right pedagogy, phonics training, classroom management, innovative teaching methods to critical support staff training, parent workshops, children motivational workshops, she seems to have done it all. She has been instrumental in leading her schools to be amongst the top schools in India consecutively for over 10 years. Having founded, owned and managed schools with her passion and enthusiasm, she has been quite a favourite with her staff as well. Understanding the needs of children, coupling this understanding with innovative and fun methods of teaching to achieve a holistic development of children, has always been her priority. She heads the very crucial Marketing, Training, Academics, Operations and Support departments in her companies. With her keen observational skills and experience with various aspects of the Education Business, she has dedicated herself to making a difference in the Indian Education system. Her entrepreneurial skills, with expert knowledge on how to set up various businesses and manage finances, has made her the first choice for budding entrepreneurs and business who want to expand or franchise. With her brand iris florets, she with her team has achieved a record breaking 150+ schools all over India, with numerable national and international awards. This is testimony that Arshiya and her teams have something unique and interesting to offer to the field of Education. Once you see her schools, you will realize that they all are unique and customized to suit every developmental need of children. She is well-known for her infectious energy, ever smiling face and ‘will always be there for you’ attitude. She is a friend for life for all her clients and associates. She truly deserved the award for the ‘Education Entrepreneur of the year- India 2015’ and ‘The Business Woman of the year


Amruta Bassi



Ashwanth Bassi


Amruta & Ashwanth Bassi are a well-known husband and wife team of Architect and Interior designer. They specialise in school architecture and children’s spaces at home. They have numerous projects to their name. They believe that a child’s learning environment must facilitate a child’s curiosity and encourage a spirit of inquiry. They have always worked on the principle that every aspect of a child’s space, whether at school or in the comfort of their home, forms a part of the growth and development of the child. They believe that understanding a client’s vision of how they want to bring about maximum learning in a child, by creating an appropriate environment, is of paramount importance. A & AB ARCHIRIORS PVT LTD was founded in Hyderabad in 2006 by Ashwanth Bassi (Interior Designer) and Amruta Bassi (Architect). After a very successful run, they started The Purple Elephant that specialised in educational infrastructure, furniture, creative spaces, educational aids and toys. Both the companies have since built an outstanding profile for the interior and architectural services of educational institutions, residences and other commercial establishments. This talented team of architects and interior designers bring a diversity of experience, fresh perspective and originality. The combination of architects with exceptional technical expertise and interior designers with aesthetic sensibility produces a perfect combination of functionality and design. This has made the duo a highly reputed team, especially in the education sector. Every school design project presents a unique opportunity to allow differentiation, through the creation of a distinctive and memorable interior design environment. This is done, through the delivery of an optimum exterior and interior design solution, where originality and creativity reign supreme. This in turn enables to surpass expectations, in every facet of our comprehensive school design. Their design mantra, when it comes to educational spaces, is ‘less is more’ and they excel in modern and contemporary design. A perfect balance of the right elevation, learning-friendly classroom design, innovative creative spaces, office detailing and unique physical play, allows for creating the perfect school for the GEN NEXT. With their keen eye and attention to detail such as learning corners, teaching tools, collaborative learning areas and independent thinking spaces, they have truly revolutionised School Architecture and Design, through an ergonomic approach. Their prime focus is safety and security of the children. Abreast of the latest technology and trends in interior design, they are in tune with the international trends in school architecture and design. This team has helped to draw the best architectural design and eco-friendly approach, well planned operations and commodious school buildings within the wonderful planned landscape in different parts of India.